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This website is a companion to our book, Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child: The Emotional Journey (Fulcrum, 2004). We focus on the emotional aspects of parenting a preemie from pregnancy through childhood.  We embrace the philosophies of family-centered care and developmentally supportive care for babies, and we are promoting the idea of developmentally supportive care for parents. In our “Professionals Pages” you will find ideas on developmentally supportive care for professionals, too.  We also believe that collaboration between families and professionals is essential to health care.


Here's where you can find comfort, reassurance, and useful information around the emotional aspects of parenting your preemie from pregnancy, hospitalization, homecoming, and through childhood. We offer tools & support for you to navigate your challenging, amazing, and heartfelt journey.

Terms of Use:

You may copy and distribute the materials you find on this website, for noncommercial professional, educational, or personal use, with all copyright and crediting information intact. All pages are in pdf files for your convenience.

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For Parents & Professionals
Here’s where you can find support for building collaboration between parents of preemies and health care professionals. Whether you are a parent or a professional, you can find pages that contain useful tips about communication, sharing medical information, medical decision-making, family-centered care, and more, written in a respectful, mutually supportive tone that fosters dialogue.


Here's where you can find support and practical ideas for the important work you do with families. These pages are useful whether you are a new or seasoned provider, whether you work in an institution or as an independent practitioner, whether you are a medical or therapeutic professional, and whether you see parents before, during or after delivery, in the hospital, or after homecoming. We advocate for developmentally supportive care for caregivers, which supports you as you aim to provide developmentally supportive care for families.

Partners in Perinatal and Pediatric Consulting

Geared for professional and educational settings, these pages offer encouragement, insight, and tips for professionals and families to work together as collaborative teams in order to provide the best care for babies and children. We are available to consult specifically with you or your unit or practice.


Parenting Your Premature Baby.com is intended to help parents advocate for their premature babies and children, and to help parents and professionals collaborate in the delivery of health care. The information presented in this site is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or attention. Please consult your health care providers for individualized professional care.